Our Business

Kim Sangster Associates is a highly regarded property and development consultant, with comprehensive experience from project inception to completion and post occupation management.

We are Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Building Consultants and Corporate Members of the Association of Project Managers. Our Directors and senior staff are experienced in professional consultancy services combined with extensive experience in the property development organisations. Our blend of client & consultant experience enables us to provide a flexible and effective service beyond expectation.

We have a reputation for focusing on our client’s objectives. The service has developed through the influence of the changing market, the demand for multi-stakeholder participation and changing client needs; the emphasis has been to engage with and reflect the market and emerging trends for the benefit of the project and client.

KSA are more than traditional consultants. Our philosophy is based on making projects happen through our diversity of skill base and experience; we are not spectators but actively lead and support the team. Technical excellence above the norm, including the ability to actively contribute to the avoidance of foreseeable problems, and the development of solutions to issues that cannot be avoided.

We have previously worked as clients engaging consultants and construction professionals and our approach to the services we offer emphasises the appreciation of understanding what different clients require.